Meet Carli

Hi! I’m Carli Guzowski (she/her/hers). I’m a wife and a mom that loves gardening, classic cars, Sherlock Holmes, animals, playing video games, seeking out new kinds of music to listen to, and going to amusement parks.

Having always been drawn to helping others discover their own power and self-determination, I evolved to become a Board Certified Clinical Sexologist, Pleasure/Intimacy Coach and Sexual Health and Wellness Educator. After 17 years of experience facilitating person centered, outcome driven support to persons with disabilities, I have been able to transfer those skills and incorporate them into my coaching practice.

Through a holistic, person centered approach, I support people in their own journeys of self-discovery, inner work, and reclaiming sexual power. Additionally, I help people unwind the blockages that are preventing them from experiencing their full potential to feel seen, heard, and valued, both in and out of the bedroom.

Are you seeking to experience a powerful transition in your life, from feeling lost and unsure to being confident and self-determined? Book a call with me and let’s begin this journey together!


  • Certified Sex Coach, Sex Coach U
  • Certified Sexologist, American Board of Sexology
  • BA Psychology

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